What is Ghost Pixel Firing In Affiliate Marketing?

Ghost Pixel FiringMany of us know very well about pixel placement in CPA offers. A special code has been placed in ‘thank you’ page. When a customer buys a product, complete billing information and comes to thank you page. It gives information to merchant and affiliate that sale has been done from his link.

A new sort of pixel is very popular in market these day name as ‘Ghost Pixel Firing‘ . Due to this pixel firing many networks & merchants get big loss and they shut down their business. Many affiliates do cheating with this new type of scam. Let see whats Ghost Pixel firing do?

We caught today an affiliate who was doing very good leads in our network from last 3-4 days. But when we matched the no of leads with merchant’s leads report. It was totally different. Total leads at our end was showing around 250 and at merchant end it was 49. We sent a report about it to our merchant that they are not tracking leads properly. After discussion over skype with merchant, we found that error is at our end. Our team started an investigation. They matched every single lead tracking IP, affiliate id, user agents etc. We found that one of our affiliate was showing good no. of leads at our end but none of his lead was showing at merchant end. From, here we caught him and terminated his account. He was showing everything like Tracking link referral, Unique IP’s, different User-agents & Browsers. That was the magic of ‘Ghost Pixel Firing’

These sorts of affiliates give big loss to networks. They do small amount of leads which big networks neglect them. Suppose, one network is getting 20000 leads for one offer. And if any affiliate is giving 15 leads of that offer with Ghost pixel firing. Networks never found them. And they do regular cheating. But when they do around 500 leads, they would be easily caught. Many networks failed to catch & understand Ghost Pixel Fire affiliates, result they get big loss and shut down their business.

So, its my advice to affiliate networks that be careful with Ghost Pixel Firing.

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